Collabrates helps execute cost-efficient Big Data design, development and implementation strategies that leverage pre-built components and enterprises’ existing investments in IT. Our partnerships with leading Big Data vendors help us address challenges and provide a solution that quickly conquers your data to deliver profitable and actionable insights.

As an early adopter of such Big Data technologies as Cloudera and Hadoop with MapReduce, our consultants can tailor a strategy that builds on your BI and data environments. We employ the Cloud to reduce the up-front and ongoing costs of processing and mining massive sets of structured and unstructured data.

Our end-to-end phased Big Data integration roadmap incorporates:

Technology Evaluation: Initial activities include engaging the enterprise’s key stakeholders and a formal IT discovery process. This includes identifying the company’s most valuable business applications and technologies, prioritizing challenges and opportunities, evaluating strategies and determining a first Big Data use case.

Proof-of-Concepts Stage: We model and select optimal cost/benefit Big Data solution components and develop a low-burden approach and implementation solution. We refine projected business benefits and cost drivers, identify sample test data and platform(s), establish Big Data metrics and goals, and make formal presentations for committee and executive-level buy-ins

System Integration Development: We utilize our many leading vendor partnerships, and our knowledge of their tools, to develop a viable low-cost solution. We prioritize Big Data project planning, establish a timeline, integrate powerful Big Data analytics engines and implement architecture and data governance policies.

Deployment and Testing: Once our components are in place, we deploy our platform, assess its functionality and address issues in order to tune your solution for peak performance. We execute the demonstration of a ‘quick win’ deployment, and address and fine-tune performance issues.

Long Term Support: We manage the knowledge transfer process and launch a Big Data benefits tracking program. Alternatively, we offer full-scale Service Management, maintenance and administration support to help enterprises overcome the data-related challenges they face, relieving them of these worrisome, resource-consuming burdens.

Our team of experts address and enable Big Data system requirements including:

  • Data integration
  • Data quality
  • Metadata
  • Data modeling
  • DBMS selection
  • Privacy and Security
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Performance measurements

We provide Big Data development, implementation, analytics and management that propagates insights enterprise-wide, delivering dashboards and visualizations on stationary and mobile devices to enable you with actionable insights anytime, anywhere.