From social media and networking sites to online transactions and customer reviews, Big Data is clogging systems and leaving IT struggling with increased data volumes, variety, velocity and complexity. Unstructured, semi-structured and structured data sets from multiple disparate sources are being pulled and combined to solve questions and generate answers that were previously thought impossible to compute. This growing abundance of data is creating new opportunities for corporations to increase operational efficiencies, evaluate marketing campaigns and better manage relationships. Organizations that fail to utilize Big Data are left with a significant data analysis blind zone and are missing innovation, competition and growth opportunities. Insights extracted from Big Data can highlight trends in brand purchasing, patterns in customer service, assess social media campaigns and even monitor social chatter pertaining to your products and brands.

Traditional business intelligence platforms and tools are unable to cope with the terabytes that make up Big Data. New architecture types such as Hadoop are needed to combine traditional business intelligence with Big Data analytics. Collabrates focuses on the true challenges of cleaning, storing, searching and visualizing unstructured, semi-structured and structured data in ways that deliver invaluable insights into an enterprise’s operations. Collabrates provides Big Data consulting and implementation services which can unlock business insights from all of your data sources, and fill the existing gap between data deluge and meaningful analysis.

Collabrates’ Big Data solutions offerings include:

  • Big Data Technology evaluation, POC, Strategy and Implementation
  • Big Data Architecture, Design, Data Modeling, Development and testing
  • Hadoop development and implementation
  • Big Data analytics Development and Implementation using all industry leading business intelligence tools
  • Big Data enhancements, Support and Maintenance